Late Start to 2017… new site!

Hello all of you wonderfully patient people.

So the wheels fell off hard last year. I was ready to do all my updates, keep going through the year, but 2016 became 2016 and that’s that. I don’t like providing excuses but last year kicked my ass, straight up. Blog updates just weren’t going to be a thing. I’m sorry.

But, this year I am going to try and do better for the people who are sticking with me here. I want to get back to more updates, starting small with some sketches here and there, ideas that I am working through. I want to back track and see if I can provide insight on the little bit of work I was able to do. Hopefully I’ll get to a point where I can get some feedback from everyone here, get me rolling, pushing me to go further with my work.

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 12.46.16 PM

One thing that might push this is the change in my website. I have made the decision to no longer pay ever increasing fees for my website when I can keep it the same with a different URL for free. Super delayed reaction light bulb there. Anyway, I am no longer located at My same portfolio website can be found here instead. I am going to try and spend the next year or so updating here and on my Facebook page and see how that goes. If things change and I think that I need a fancier new site with my name in the URL again then maybe I’ll consider switching back. For now, this is where I’ll be.

Thanks again everyone for sticking this one out. If you have anything specific you’d like to see from me please just let me know. Have a great day!


#createeveryday Project

Back in May I mentioned that I have been creating everyday, and that I would start sharing some of those creative endeavours with the world. Some of the projects I can’t/couldn’t share right away, at least not until they were finished and delivered. For example, the book cover I developed and completed this month, see more here

If you’ve been following my Instagram posts and/or tweets, you’ve seen some of the sketching and writing that I can gotten up to while continuing to #createeveryday. For those of you who are just starting to get involved, here’s a sample of some of the creating I have been doing: 


To keep up with what I’ve been doing please make sure that you follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Follow me here at WordPress too to make sure you’re up to date on all the wonderful news! 

Now available in stores…

Hello everyone!

One of the secret projects that I was working on earlier this year has finally been completed, published and now it’s ready to share. I have been working closely with the amazing author D.J. Marilyn Thomas in the development of a cover for her newly published work “Betrayed by Desire”. We worked together in the development of a cover that truly represented the feeling of the book. I have to say that it is REALLY cool to see something that you worked on in a final print, something that you and other shoppers can hold in your hands. Take a look!


It was great working with D.J. on this project and hopefully we will be able to work together again soon!

WAIT! Not so fast, make sure that you get your copy today. You can find a paperback copy here or a copy for your Kindle e-reader here

2013 Wrap-up!

I’ve done it! One post for every week of the year so far. Some weeks pulled double duty, but they all got there. All of you lovely readers have made it worth the work. All of my followers and readership have increased throughout the year.

Readers following this blog: From 4 to 55
Number of Like of Facebook: From 52 to 79
Number of Followers on Twitter: From 17 to 96

The response to my posts have been overwhelming at times. Here are some of the highlights: Continue reading

Art is work too…

So I saw this link today, posted by one of my profs at Sheridan, and I decided to write this post. This link is hilarious to those of us working in the field, but it is also frustrating because this happens… to all of us… everyday.

In the world today, work in general is hard, in any field. There are limited positions and opportunities available, pensions are hard to come by, good medical benefits are hard to find, etc. One of these fields is the arts, all of them, especially when it comes to those who are working for themselves in freelance. It is difficult to get a strong, steady paycheque for doing something that someone might see as a hobby or something one would do just for fun.

The arts are considered work too, especially when you are working with difficult clients. Without artists your company would have no brand, your cereal box would be blank, your website would still be made of only text and neon colours, and your t-shirt would be blank (come to think of it, you wouldn’t have a shirt at all). It could be argued a million ways. The arts are everywhere and artists play a vital role in the big corporate/trade/world circle.

To all the clients out there using artists, pay them fairly and don’t take advantage of their hard work. We are all trying to make a living, just like you. So read through the link mentioned above to see what we are talking about. Just as you want to be paid fairly for all of the hard work, meetings, consultations, and overtime work that you do, remember that an artist is just asking for the same thing.

I could go on and on at length about all of this, but I will leave it to see what kinds of comments and discussion we can get going here. Do any of you have a great client story? How about the other way around? The more we discuss this my fellow artists the more we can get the word out there and prevent ourselves and our colleagues from being taken advantage of.

And… if you still don’t know what I am talking about… here’s a video that might explain it for you.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN… THOUGHTS? OPINIONS? STORIES??? Let’s get it out in the open guys!!!

Chalk art on Talbot Street

On the long weekend in August 2012, London held an event that had different chalk artists from the area decorating Talbot street. Here are a few samples of what some of these amazing artists came up with.

They did not display every artist’s name so I do not have them. I did not create these myself I am just passing them along. Artist names will be added as they are discovered.

Technical Dave!

While I am in the middle of all my postable works I would like to take a quick moment to share with you a project that my colleague Dave Dryburgh has been working on.

Technical Dave tells the story of Dave’s progression through Sheridan. I find them honest and completely hilarious! Technical Dave #7 was posted today.

Check them out!