Create Everyday – March 2016

March was craaaaaaaaaazaaaaaay busy! Out of town or entertaining every weekend, and crazy deadlines at work didn’t help out much either. Any way…

I tried something a little different in my monthly calendar. I am not sure that it came out the way I thought it would, but it came out better than I thought it was going to around mid-month.


The monthly post were mostly short and sweet. Traveling and all that takes it out of you, picking up the journal at the end of the day wasn’t my priority. I am going to really work on that this upcoming month. I don’t want to fall behind.



Zentangle Experiments

In the month of February I gave some zentangle art a try. It’s a lot of fun. The toughest part is finding subject matter that allows for the art to be clear at the end, and finding enough variety of patterns and designs to avoid too much repetition.

This style really lends to some of the final results that I have been working towards in a few of my pieces lately. Here are a few of the images that I was able to come up with in February. I have another list on the go for future attempts in the style.



Create Everyday – January 2016

As promised I have been trying to carry my new journal everywhere with me so that it’s a little easier for me to create everyday. A few of the things that I included were movie reviews, photos from “family” dinner, and sadly two tributes to two tragic losses (David Bowie and Alan Rickman). I finished the full calendar for the month and wrote down my plans for a few ongoing projects and what’s to come for the next month.


New 2016 Plan!

Hello patient readers!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you all had a great holiday!

As you have noticed I haven’t been posting all that much lately. I apologize. This past year went by insanely fast, with extra OT at work and a crazy schedule, sadly my art took a very back bumper seat to it all.

This year I plan to work on changing all that. I went out at the beginning of December and got myself a new pocket journal that I am planning on using everyday.

One of the pages that I have in this book so far is a full month calendar. I am going to use this to create at least one small image every day of the month. I am planning on doing this throughout the year and I’ll post them here as they get wrapped up. I got this idea off of the magical website that is Pinterest.


And, as if my wonderful friends were reading my mind, I received the book below as a Christmas gift this year. It is full of art prompts with room to draw them. I’ll definitely be using this and my adult colouring books for some inspiration when I hit a road block. Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas in between the different art projects that I have planned and will be posting here as I go.

So we will see how it goes, hopefully I can get it together and get a bit more of a groove back in 2016!

Everyday Creativity

Hello lovely patient readers!

It has been a while, this year has been a busy one so far and my posting has been limited. Don’t worry though, I have been working.

As part of my resolutions for the new year I planned to make sure that I did something creative every day. My definition is to make sure that I put pen (or brush, needle, stylus) to paper (or canvas, pattern, digital surface) at least once a day, and it had to be something outside of work. So I have been working in my sketchbook, on my paintings, on a cross stitch pattern I started years ago, and on some projects that I have been brought since the holidays.

I was just going to make sure that I was going to be able to do this project and thought about keeping it to myself for now. Then I started reading Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work (Read it! and all his other stuff too!) and he encourages artists to share their work with the world, get feedback, see what works, and just light a fire so you keep working.

So here’s the plan. I am going to try and post my progress everyday on my Instagram account. You will be able to see the most recent work on the sidebar of the blog here. Then I am hoping that I will be able to write a post once every week or two with an update on what I have going on. I do have a couple projects that I am working on that I won’t be able to share with the world just yet so there might be a day or two without a picture but I will do what I can.

Thanks for being so patient… let’s see how this goes!

Oscar Predictions 2014

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again. I am taking a break from my blog hiatus here to share my Oscar predictions for this year. It’s a great set of movies this year and having seen most of the films this year I know that some of the categories are almost too close to call. Like last year I am just going to stick with my thoughts on the nominations for acting, directing, and picture for the post.  Continue reading

Sunshine Award Nomination!

Hello lovely readers! Happy New Year to you all!

I have a couple of posts set up for you all to read but I pushed them back because I received an amazing comment early this year that I wanted to share. The lovely Kim over at Craft-Create-Connect has nominated my blog for A Sunshine Award. It is so great to hear that the readers are enjoying what they are seeing and that they care so much to let me know. This news brightened my day and gave me new motivation to continue to work and a create here on my blog for all of you wonderful people.


So to follow Kim’s lead I will answer the 11 questions that she asked her nominees and then follow those answers with 11 facts about myself. Continue reading

A New Painting

Evernote Camera Roll 20131204 202555


The Christmas season is upon us now and so everything is getting a little busy and hectic.I haven’t been able to work on a lot of personal projects lately because I am working on Christmas gifts and some projects I can’t show you all just yet. This sketch is a preliminary sketch for a painting that I want to finish in the new year. The inspiration for this sketch/painting came from Katy Perry’s “Roar”. I will make sure that I get the work in progress and final piece up here as soon as I get them finished.

Now back to sketching while I have a few minutes, hopefully I will have a bit more work up for you lovely readers to see before the end of the year.

Happy Holiday preparations!!!

My 100th Post!!! Happy Hallowe’en!!!

BOO!!! Hello all my lovely readers! This post is full of awesome things! This is my 100th post and I am so glad that you are all here to share it with me.

First off, Happy Hallowe’en everyone! I hope that you are all having a sugar filled and crazy costumed kind of day. I am celebrating Hallowe’en here on my blog by sharing with you one of my favourite parts about the season… PUMPKIN CARVING!!! I look forward to this every fall. My second pumpkin (see the first one here) almost didn’t happen this year though, I have spent the past two days driving around town looking for a pumpkin. Pumpkins are rare here in Southern Ontario this time of year apparently. Thanks so much to the little farm in town that put up their signs and pointed me in the right direction.

Last year I did Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, so I thought, why not try a bad guy again this year. It took me a minute to think of someone iconic but he was staring me right in the face. OF COURSE!!! Who is bigger in 2013 than Mr. White himself? Here he is, the one and only… Heisenberg.

Evernote Camera Roll 20131030 205602

I also wanted to try something new, a new way to share my work with everyone, and I thought what better time than pumpkin carving on my 100th post?!?! I wanted to try a time lapse video, I really like how they look and I figured pumpkin carving was a good place to start. Below is the video I created. Part way through you will start watching Boardwalk Empire with me but the process is still there :D.

Thanks again to all my readers, it took me a while to get to this post but I couldn’t have gotten here without you. Thanks so much and here’s to 100 more 🙂 Happy Hallowe’en!!!

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