New 2016 Plan!

Hello patient readers!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you all had a great holiday!

As you have noticed I haven’t been posting all that much lately. I apologize. This past year went by insanely fast, with extra OT at work and a crazy schedule, sadly my art took a very back bumper seat to it all.

This year I plan to work on changing all that. I went out at the beginning of December and got myself a new pocket journal that I am planning on using everyday.

One of the pages that I have in this book so far is a full month calendar. I am going to use this to create at least one small image every day of the month. I am planning on doing this throughout the year and I’ll post them here as they get wrapped up. I got this idea off of the magical website that is Pinterest.


And, as if my wonderful friends were reading my mind, I received the book below as a Christmas gift this year. It is full of art prompts with room to draw them. I’ll definitely be using this and my adult colouring books for some inspiration when I hit a road block. Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas in between the different art projects that I have planned and will be posting here as I go.

So we will see how it goes, hopefully I can get it together and get a bit more of a groove back in 2016!


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