2013 Wrap-up!

I’ve done it! One post for every week of the year so far. Some weeks pulled double duty, but they all got there. All of you lovely readers have made it worth the work. All of my followers and readership have increased throughout the year.

Readers following this blog: From 4 to 55
Number of Like of Facebook: From 52 to 79
Number of Followers on Twitter: From 17 to 96

The response to my posts have been overwhelming at times. Here are some of the highlights:

Most Viewed Post of the Year: A Year of Thinking Positively
Most Liked Post of the Year: Creativity
Most Shared Post of the Year: 30 Days of Creation… finale
Most Commented Post: Something Finished…
Most Shared on Facebook: My 100th Post!!! Happy Hallowe’en!!!

I will have a couple new posts in the new year and then I am planning to take a small hiatus to work on some important projects and build my posts back up. I hope that you have all had a great year and an amazing holiday season!

Thank you to everyone who has come to read my posts this year! Your continued visits and feedback is valued and appreciated!


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