Studio Organization

Since I left school and got a new place of my own I have been looking for a way to store and organize my many art supplies. I looked at book shelves, I looked at dressers, I looked at tool chests. All of these provided organization for some of my supplies but not all of them. Then one day I walked into Michaels and they had their Recollections storage boxes on sale. They are PERFECT!!!

Evernote Camera Roll 20131114 184244

Each box is around 14 x 14 and they are stackable so you can arrange them in anyway that you want. There is a wide variety of configurations within the boxes so that you can get the pieces that work best for what you have to store and the space that you are working with. I had my drafting table set up already so I arranged mine like a book shelf beside it. There is a desktop available though so that you can make your own desk supported by the storage boxes. So great!!!

Evernote Camera Roll 20131114 184219

I haven’t quite finished with organizing my space just yet so there is a little bit of clutter lying around. These boxes have given me a great start to organizing to bits and pieces. I will try to post some more pictures of the space when it is completely done.

Just as a disclaimer, I am in no way associated with Michaels or Recollections. I am not being paid or asked to promote these products. I am simply a fan wanting to spread the word!


2 thoughts on “Studio Organization

  1. I have the recollections spinning organizer for my scissors and paint brushes and things, and I Love it! I would love to get some of the cubes eventually to contain the mess of supplies I have 🙂 Good luck on the rest of your organizing, looks great so far!

    • Thanks so much! It has been a lot of fun so far. I am having a hard time resisting them now when I go into Micheals. I would definitely recommend the cubes though when you get a chance.

      Thanks for reading and good luck on your organizing too! 🙂

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