Autumn Celebration

I have finished another project in my sketchbook this week! I have been working on this page since just before Thanksgiving. I wanted to display something which represented the fall colours around this time of year. I am glad that I got it done in time before winter hit, it’s been really cold here lately.

Evernote Camera Roll 20131028 205000

This page started with a clipping from a magazine, providing the colour inspiration. Then I sketched out the flowers with pencil and ink. All of the flowers were painted with acrylic paint and then the outline was done with Prismacolor Premier fine liners.

*** Question to all readers out there: Drawing with the Prismacolours over top of the acrylic paint destroys the tips of my markers. It dries them out, sometimes they don’t bounce back. Has anyone run into this problem before and have suggestions for a solution? I love this look but I can’t afford to buy new markers every time I do a page.***

Happy Fall everyone!


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