Something finished…

I have finally finished something in my sketchbook. I have been working away bit by bit on this one over the past month. I drew up this sketch one night and then took it slowly to see what I wanted to do next.

I started off my putting down some based colour with watercolour, then working some pencil crayon overtop. To finish it off I used some markers, and a final touch of more pencil. I tend to work quickly through pieces in my sketchbook, taking the time to work out what patterns, media and colour to use resulted in a final piece that I am really happy with.


5 thoughts on “Something finished…

  1. Erin, Beautiful and inspiring as well. I have had lots of excuses not to sit down and draw or doodle. I am not much of an artist but putting crayon/marker/paint to paper is definitely meditative. Sketch pad purchased… markers and pencil crayons in the I go. Thank you for sharing all that you do.!

    • Thanks so much!!!
      The routine is difficult for sure, there is always some sort of excuse. When I get home at the end of the day I feel mentally drained and it’s hard to get pick up something else to do. But once I get going I feel more relaxed and it doesn’t feel like “work” at all, the image almost seems to create itself.
      Good luck with all of your future sketches!!! New art supplies are my favourite inspiration 😉
      Thanks for reading! Hope to see you back soon!

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