Art is work too…

So I saw this link today, posted by one of my profs at Sheridan, and I decided to write this post. This link is hilarious to those of us working in the field, but it is also frustrating because this happens… to all of us… everyday.

In the world today, work in general is hard, in any field. There are limited positions and opportunities available, pensions are hard to come by, good medical benefits are hard to find, etc. One of these fields is the arts, all of them, especially when it comes to those who are working for themselves in freelance. It is difficult to get a strong, steady paycheque for doing something that someone might see as a hobby or something one would do just for fun.

The arts are considered work too, especially when you are working with difficult clients. Without artists your company would have no brand, your cereal box would be blank, your website would still be made of only text and neon colours, and your t-shirt would be blank (come to think of it, you wouldn’t have a shirt at all). It could be argued a million ways. The arts are everywhere and artists play a vital role in the big corporate/trade/world circle.

To all the clients out there using artists, pay them fairly and don’t take advantage of their hard work. We are all trying to make a living, just like you. So read through the link mentioned above to see what we are talking about. Just as you want to be paid fairly for all of the hard work, meetings, consultations, and overtime work that you do, remember that an artist is just asking for the same thing.

I could go on and on at length about all of this, but I will leave it to see what kinds of comments and discussion we can get going here. Do any of you have a great client story? How about the other way around? The more we discuss this my fellow artists the more we can get the word out there and prevent ourselves and our colleagues from being taken advantage of.

And… if you still don’t know what I am talking about… here’s a video that might explain it for you.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN… THOUGHTS? OPINIONS? STORIES??? Let’s get it out in the open guys!!!


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