The Apple Revolution


I just finished this book and it was AMAZING! This storyline of the book follows Apple from the beginning, in the garage office, through until just after the death of Steve Jobs. The book follows the companies and projects that Steve Jobs had a hand in and the people that he worked with. It’s the personal opinions and Jobs’ unique approach that makes this book so fun to read.

There is an ongoing conflict between the users of different technology, be it Apple, Microsoft, Android… I have been given all the stats, “this and this about stock”, “bound to fail eventually”, “they can’t keep up this pace.” Maybe all of that is true, we all have to wait and see. My interest lies in the innovation of the products that were brought to the world by Apple. Before Silicon Valley saw a need for a personal computer, we didn’t know that we wanted one. Before the iPod we didn’t know that we wanted thousands of songs in our pocket. Before the iPad we didn’t know that we wanted a tablet computer in our bags at all times. Time and time again Apple had the challenge of selling us a product that didn’t exist, that the consumer didn’t know that they wanted, and that developed a whole new market of technology.

Luke Dormehl dives into this in this book. He describes the approach that everyone involved took to make sure that the vision came true. Even though everyone in Silicon Valley at the time was working towards new technology and products, Dormehl describes how Apple was doing it differently to make sure that they were the number one as often as possible.

The new movie “jOBS” follows this storyline fairly closely. Following Jobs from college through to the iPod, mostly in relation to Apple. After watching the movie and reading this book I felt inspired, inspired to create and move forward with my work. These types of stories are also a little discouraging. Jobs was a millionaire by the age of 25, awesome, what am I doing with my life??? Haha. It takes a unique individual to see the potential and make it all come to life. The whole Apple story is just unreal and completely inspiring. Each step taken by the members of Apple is mind blowing, they were doing something completely new, something that is extremely difficult to do today.

Anyway, I will let you read it for yourself. It is a lot of fun and reads like a novel. You aren’t bombarded with a bunch of charts and stats. You are reading first hand accounts of how Jobs and the rest of the team made all of this happen. The book could have done with some images to compare the different models of the Mac and initial concepts for logos and designs. Other than that it is really great, the book is currently lying in my “to re-read” pile. Enjoy!

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