The Stephen Watson Memorial Mural

There is a great project happening in the London area lately. The Artfusion Gallery in London has been painting a mural, lead by director Ryan Mahy, based off of work by Stephen Watson. Watson was an ocean activist who lived in London, Ontario. Sadly, Watson was diagnosed with cancer and passed away last year. The inspiration piece for mural was one of the last paintings that Watson completed before he passed away. The image features a large octopus, surrounded by other ocean life.

1297431062481_ORIGINALThe Artfusion Gallery is throwing a launch event on August 30 through to September 1. Artfusion Fest 3 is a block party that is going to be held on Dundas street in London, Ontario. There will be lots of entertainment and events happening throughout the weekend. Tickets are $10, information on where you can buy them can be found on the event website (below).

In the meantime, there is still a lot of work to be done and the team can use some help. They mention the need for monetary donations as well as supplies. The details can be found on the mural site. Please take sometime to contribute to this great project.

Now, I am not directly related to this project, just a local artist spreading the word on a great event happening in the area. This project is great for exposure of the arts in the city, the Artfusion Gallery and a great way to brighten up the downtown area. Hopefully this project is the first of many to be displayed in the city.

For more information on the Stephen Watson Memorial Mural check out all of the links below. (photo taken by Ryan Mahy). 

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