Little Tidbits…

Hello everyone!

Super late in the week for my usual post… I know! I have a few projects that I was hoping to post up here this week but there are some loose ends still that need tying before I can post them. So this week I am just posting a couple random tidbits for you all to glance over.

This week I have finally been able to get back to some of my sketching. The past couple of weeks have consisted of much visiting, weddings, sore wrists (old injury) and migraines, naturally on weeks where I am most inspired ;). Everything seems to be mellowing a little now and I am able to get back to it. Some of the journal pages I am working on right now should go up in the next little couple weeks.


Exciting blog news!!! In the upcoming weeks I am hoping to feature a couple of my fellow artists here on the blog. While I am in limbo on my own finished work I want to spend some time promoting and helping out my friends in any way that I can. If you want your work to be featured on the blog let me know and we can set it up! I am looking to support all ranges of art so don’t be shy!

Finally, as those of you who have been reading already know, I was involved in The Smashbook 30 Days of Creation course for the month of July. Charissa is running the course again for the month of September, and again in October!!! The deadline for September is coming up real soon so don’t miss it! Find the link here, you won’t regret it, the course is amazing!

Thanks for stopping by this week guys… more exciting content next week I promise! Don’t forgot to follow me on Twitter, my Facebook page, and here on WordPress. All the links are >>>

Have a great weekend! See you all next week!


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