Birthday T-Shirts!

Hello readers!!!

I thought that I would share a project that I recently did for my Father’s 60th birthday. It’s a big birthday so we had a whole shindig planned out: we had all the family together, successful gift ideas, … and… ummm… oh yeah! A KISS CONCERT!!! (amazing!)

Anyway, it was a big weekend and we wanted to share it with everyone. So we came up with the idea of having t-shirts for all of us to wear for the day. My family members all collaborated and came up with a design that we thought the birthday boy might like. The final t-shirts held all of the wearer’s ages and their ‘name’ for the day. My sister who spent sometime in Chile helped us with the names in spanish. Here’s what we all came up with:



I finalized the design in Illustrator and a friend of the family printed them up for us. The shirts were a hit! Everyone asked about them and wished Dad a happy birthday. And they were perfect concert wear for the evening. The whole weekend was amazing and I think that we have our work cut out for us for the birthdays to come. Many thanks to Penny for doing such a great job with printing these on time, you’re the best!!!


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