A Year of Thinking Positively


OK, so the world of me has been mad busy lately with OT at work, apartment redecorating, apartment cleaning, and 4,000 degree weather. I wasn’t able to finish off the journal pages I mentioned last week, so I have a sort of self centering exercise for anyone who feels that they have too much going on. This exercise helped me to clear my head, focus on what’s important, and allowed me to get back to the things that I love (like my painting, reading, journaling, and sketching) rather than holding onto the harder things in life.

At the end of 2011 I was have having a hard time, some of my relationships had gone south, I wasn’t able to finish my thesis on time, I was running out of money for school, I was stressed and I was tired of all of it. It was Christmas time, my very favourite time of the year and I was feeling really crummy, I hated that. I’d reached my limit and I wanted to fix how I felt.

I started a project on New Year’s 2012 to see if I could work to fix my outlook on what’s happening around me. The project was small and simple. At the end of each day I would write down my favourite part of that day. Whether it was a funny joke, a compliment, a song on the radio, a delicious cupcake, or a text message from a friend, it was all written down. I now have a list of 365 best parts of my day.

This exercise was extremely helpful to me and my attitude towards things in general. Everybody has a day, everybody can get sick, crabby, stressed, or tired, but there is still something good everywhere. There wasn’t one day where I didn’t write anything, there was always a positive in each day no matter how bad things seemed. It also helped me to see the good in unexpected places. The biggest discovery I had was the value in the people around me, even though I was in a hospital waiting room, there were people to offer a hug, and when the wedding I was in was falling apart there were people there to step in and help put it back together.

Having done this exercise for a year, it has opened my eyes to a more positive way of thinking. I am confused now by the people around me who always have a complaint or negative comment ready to hand out to people. It’s so much easier and healthier to have a positive thought over holding a grudge or complaining.

I’m not quite there yet, like everything, there is room for improvement, but I do feel a lot better. Now I use the tools that I have readily available to clear my head and reset my focus.

If you’re looking for something to help point you in a more positive direction this exercise did wonders for me.

*I am NOT a doctor and if you feel that you are having a hard time I highly recommend that you seek solace in a friend or family member. Talking things out always good medicine.*


7 thoughts on “A Year of Thinking Positively

  1. It’s the law of attraction, dear Erin! Looking for the positive in each moment will make your life hopeful and joyful! “Finding the silver lining” has carried me through the toughest times in my life, and there have been a few of them, as you know! So glad this worked for you, my other daughter! XXOO

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