A Renaissance Weekend

This week I thought that I would share what I did on the weekend. My Facebook friends are probably tired of hearing about it by now but it was so awesome that I wanted to share with you lovely readers too. I went to a Renaissance Festival this weekend, my first one, and it was amazing!!! There were fire artists, magicians, mud shows, comedians, and musicians. Most importantly, there was JOUSTING! I am a huge fan of knights and the sport of jousting so this was perfect for me.


Now this wasn’t show jousting, tapping one another with a foam stick on a slow riding horse; this was full on, real life, splintered lance, unhorsing, metal on metal jousting. When I realized that the jousting portion of the event was being put on by the Knights of Valour that sold my ticket immediately. It was Shane Adams and the rest of the Knights of Valour who were a part of creating my favourite reality series ever, Full Metal Jousting. Check it out, it’s really the best! I got a chance to talk with Shane real quick at the festival, he seems like a really nice guy. Unfortunately, he didn’t know if FMJ is coming back for another season (*fingers crossed*).

Anyway, it was the jousting that brought me to the festival and it was completely worth it! There were warm ups, swords, broken lances, and even an unhorsing. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I’ll stop freaking out on you guys now.


Even though I was there for the jousting the rest of the festival was great. I got a lot of great photos, visual references for one of the projects that I am working on, and some really great action shots (^ right?). Hopefully the festival will be back again next year so I can see some more!

I hope that you all had a great weekend! I’ll be back next week, hopefully with some of the journal pages I have been working on. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!


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