A Nivå6 Skype Session…

For those of you who are unaware, the members of this collaboration are currently spread throughout Ontario, making our initial group sessions a little harder to coordinate. So last night Goldie and I tried a new approach and decided to pull out a session through Skype. I think that we could be on to something here.

We each worked on our own projects while we discussed new ideas and projects for the collaboration. The big project that we are working towards is throwing our own version of “Smash the Park.” We are working out the details for now but we will post the final details as they are finalized.

My main work throughout the session was spending my time on a secret project and working away in my sketchbook. Here’s something that I can show you from that:


Goldie, however, was working on something very exciting for us as a group. Lately we have been working towards developing our own logo. Up until last night we only had some sketches and were throwing some ideas around. Last night throughout the session Goldie was working on starting the digital step in that process. We were able to talk back and forth about what we wanted, preferred, and liked about what we had. You can see the progress here.

We both said throughout the night how much we like the collaboration and feedback that we get out of these sessions. There are times that I like to work on my own, to have a project come out my way, but a lot of the time feedback forces you to step back and get a real good look at your work. Both of us were on a high after the session, so much potential and progress. We plan on doing these sessions more frequently now that we know how well they work and how effective they can be.


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