Green Tea Art!

gtlThis week’s journal page is a tribute to my favourite comfort drink ever… the Starbucks Green Tea Latte! It is my favourite go to on the weekends, when I am reading a book or sketching. It’s even substituted as a comforting hug when I have a crummy day or fall and scrape my knees when doing groceries (hypothetically of course ;D).

Don’t get me wrong Starbucks has some other amazing drinks (mmmm Pumpkin Spice Latte) but this one is my favourite, I’m actually drinking one right now 😀

So what’s your favourite comfort drink or food???


2 thoughts on “Green Tea Art!

  1. What a fun page! I love all the doodling in the background and how you’ve used the cup cozy on the page 🙂 And my favorite comfort drink is definitely coffee! There is a brand called Peet’s that makes a blend called Cafe Solano, super amazing and wonderful!

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