A letter to the future…

Every Friday on Smashbook Charissa provides her readers with a journal prompt, to keep those of us get overwhelmed or stuck on the right track. Last week she posted the idea of a letter written to someone 100 years in the future. Write about your goals, your inspirations, who you are, how you work. When I read her full letter I was inspired to write one of my own. The process was freeing, I highly recommend everyone to take a minute to write one (even if you don’t want to post it). It’s an opportunity to talk yourself up, to brag about what you’ve done, to reassure yourself that you are doing well and that everything really isn’t all that bad. When I was done writing my letter I thought it might be a little too personal, but I promised myself that this year I would stop holding back, get things out there in the open and out of my head. So here it is, below is what the letter actually says.


Dear 2113 reader, 

If you’re reading this that means that something of mine has been saved and lasted 100 years. I’m honoured!

2013 in my world is an amazing time. Although the world is full of scary things there is an unbelievable amount of opportunity to do good. 

On the career side of life I consider myself extremely lucky. I was able to study what I wanted to do for a living, have the support of my family despite obvious risk, and ultimately find a position in the “real world” that will pay me to do what I am trained to do (a rarity in 2013). I am fortunate enough and proud to say that I have be able to turn what many would consider just a hobby into a full on career. That thought makes me happy and brings me peace. I don’t worry if it is the right spot for me. I know. 

In this lovely position the dreams continue on. My ideal eventual situation would have me in a studio space, creating like mad, collaborating with other artists, and teaching. I love being able to pass some of my knowledge onto others. One of my favourite things is learning (Masters degree completed at 25) and helping someone to learn about something I am passionate about is completely satisfying and rewarding. 


I also come from a time where relationships are complex and confusing. I believe that love is meant for everyone and I have  my parents to thank for that. Without their amazing relationship as a beautiful example this could be a whole different story. 

A year ago, almost exactly, I made a choice that many people told me that they avoided. I took a took a job and moved to a brand new city, where I knew no one, where I had never even visited, all for an opportunity to do my work. This move resulted in the loss of someone I thought to be important in my life, it turns out that I would have lost him anyway. The combination of this brand new space (where I am not “one of the kids” or so-and-so’s sister/daughter, just 100% me) and the beautiful freedom of single, attachment free life has brought me a level of mellow and peace that I could never have understood otherwise. 

While some people respond with their wedding invitations and their mention of cats, I am soaking myself in the freedom and control I now have. The only person to let me down or disappoint me now is me. The removal of that unknown or potential heart break could make me cry with happiness. Whatever happens will happen, he’s out there sorting himself out right now, he’ll come around and convince me to let go of the control. In the meantime every thing is my own and I’m not going to rush to change. 

You’re finding this letter written at one of the best times of my life. My absolute favourite thing is laughing. I dance like a crazy person in my living room, my car, all over. I introduced my Grandmother’s car to bass and sing at the top of my lungs whenever we share it. My major passion and mellower is time with my sketchbook, art supplies, and a good book. And few things are more important to me than my close friends and family. 

The world in 2013 is a crazy place but finding your passion and never being bored are key. I hope your world is full of the same beautiful opportunities and happiness that can be found here. 


2113-1So there it is. I hope this inspired you to write a letter of your own. If you want to share your letters please send them to me, here in the comments or in an email.

Happy spring!!!


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