Just Keep Sketching…

This is the best advice that one of my profs gave me in my undergrad. I was working through one of the assignments we had and I was frustrated with how things were coming along, none of my sketches were working out. My prof was looking through them and she said that if you don’t like how it looks, the sketch is probably not done yet. So simple but also ground breaking when you’re stuck.

I have had these words in my head every time I feel my self getting stuck or discouraged with something I am working on. Some drawings or ideas can’t be saved and you can benefit from trying again. But most of the time, sticking with it paid off. Continuing to sketch has brought some ideas in different directions and brought them to a great final visual.

Just remember these words when you’re getting frustrated! I am trying to remember them now because this sketch here isn’t quite what I was picturing, but it’s here setting an example 🙂



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