Coffee Shop Sessions #2

This weekend I took some time to relax into my Sunday, go out for breakfast and do some sketching. I had delicious eggs, it was a sunny day, so perfect. I got into some sketches for one of my projects, a big project that will be posted once it is finished, read some of my book, went back to my sketchbook, watched the curling, more sketching. It was a good balance.

I only did one observational sketch. There was this preachy, political, rambly, loud guy in the shop trying to talk the woman with him into something of some sort. I didn’t post it here because it isn’t very flattering and it frustrates me to look at it haha.

I did develop the sketch below. The main idea behind it was the lingering thoughts that stay in the back of your mind and every once in a while you need to let them out somehow. I wanted to use some of my markers, doodle a little, get some patterns in there. I think that it came out pretty well for a sketched journal page.



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