Stop Making Excuses!!!

I read this post on and it is one of my favourite blog posts ever. I have it printed out at my desk and at home in my studio space (I even threw them up there with mismatched thumb tacks… just something dumb to get me away from my perfectionist ways).

Most artists need this kick in the pants to get their work started. I know I do the same thing, I will wait until I have the idea in my head before I put anything on the paper. DON’T DO THAT! Get something on the paper, you might find something that you never thought of before and it will get all that clutter out of your brain.

You may be tired, or have to do chores, or have a new video game to play. I bet if you asked any successful artist they wouldn’t tell you that they got a full night of sleep after a night of Halo on a regular basis. Don’t give up what you love to do, that helps build the inspiration, just get off the couch once in a while and do some of your work.

I am writing this both for the benfit of my readers as well as my own. So follow this link (NOW!!!) and read what Charissa has to say. Listen to her and get down to it!!!


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