Shakin’ It Up…

So I have mentioned in a few posts that I have been doing more work in my sketchbook. I like doing some sketches here and there, writing down some of my ideas. I find that this can be helpful in project development but also can be frustrating when an idea doesn’t come out the way that it should. My inner critic always comes out and critiques everything about each sketch, it’s like everything that I do in my book should be a perfect final piece. I know that that isn’t what a sketchbook is for, it is for getting all the ideas that you have (funny, excellent, or crappy) out in the open and out of your head so that you can make room for the great ideas. So I wanted to get a little looser with my work in my sketchbook, not worrying about the pages, the media used, the layout, just go. Then I got stuck…

The dark side of the perfectionism turned its head and I didn’t know what to do with unlimited possibilities. Suddenly I had nothing to put on the page, my head that was just filled with a million ideas – blank! So I set out into the blog universe to see what I could find. The best things that I found were two sites that each provided a list of journaling prompts. The first is here, and the second came from a blog that was really helpful –

The Smashbook blog is full of a little bit of everything. My favourite parts are the sections on journaling, ideas on how to approach it, how to just let the critic go, and every once in a while there’s a good kick in the pants to stop being so scared and making excuses! Just go for it! I have read a lot of this blog and read some of it again, it has inspired me in my blogging as well as in my journaling. I am not very far and there are still a lot of knots I have to work out but I think that I could get more comfortable with this soon. Here’s one of the images from my book so far, as I progress I will keep posting them here.




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