Oscar Night 2013



Last night was the 85th Academy Awards and I loved every minute! I am not going to go on at length here because there’s been enough media and follow up.

I thought that last night’s display was the best awards I have seen in a while. There has been a lot of comments and complaining about Seth MacFarlane and how he hosted the Oscars. I thought that he was funny, there were a few bits that were a little long, but at least he got a reaction. Did anyone watch Billy Crystal last year? Crickets! I think that MacFarlane did a great job, and if you can’t take a joke just don’t watch, if you can’t take a Seth MacFarlane joke then don’t make him host. I am all for him hosting again.

I also liked the tribute to music. Playing the Jaws theme when it was time to wrap up the speeches was hilarious! It was also great to see the cast of Les Mis together, Adele, Shirley Bassey, and Jennifer Hudson, all performing throughout the night. There were a lot of surprises and performances but they weren’t too long or drawn out which I really liked. It was a good little break in between different awards.

As for my predictions I scored a huge 9 out of 24. Not great as I haven’t been able to master the documentary, writing, and editing categories just yet. I did do fairly well with my predictions from my last post. All of the acting categories worked out nicely, I am very happy with the Academy’s choices. I was a little blind sided by Life of Pi on a few categories, although it is a good movie I felt that maybe the other movies would have been more likely to win. Ang Lee did beat out Spielberg in the best director category which I was a little surprised at. Then this week I was back and forth on my choice for best picture. Although I continued to stand behind my choice of Silver Linings Playbook I wasn’t surprised when Argo took the statue home.

There were a lot of good choices from the Academy last night. I am glad that Quentin Tarantino won for writing considering his lack of directing nomination. Brave and Paperman winning in the animation categories and Adele winning for “Skyfall” were great highlights too. There were a lot of great speeches, great dresses, great comments, songs, interactions, etc. Overall, I really enjoyed the Ocsars last night and the “research process” getting there. Now that the award season is pretty much under wraps I am already looking forward to doing it all again next year.

Thanks for reading and I will be back to some of my own work next week.


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