Design Lines

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of industrial design at Carleton University. The first of many celebrations to happen this year was the Design Lines Exhibition in the grad space last Friday (February 8th). This exhibit revolved around all of the Industrial Design Masters students, both current and alumni, and their work that they did while at Carleton and what they have done since.

Unfortunately, I was snowed in down in Southern Ontario so I wasn’t able to make it to the opening night event. However, I have heard from many different people that the exhibit was a success! Thanks in no small part to my fellow alumni Danielle Bushore, Gabrielle Sanches, Lucas Lacerda, and professor Lorenzo Imbesi. Any of the graphics that I have seen look unreal and I am glad that these people were part of the group developing the final result. I hope to be up in Ottawa soon so that I can see it all set up before the next stages of celebration take over.

To read more on this event please check out this article in the Carleton Newsroom.

And if you are in the Ottawa area and would like to see what the design graduate students are up to please stop by and check it out!

If I have failed to name anyone in this article it was unintentional. I was only aware of those I was interacting with through the development stages, so please bring any/all errors to my attention and I will fix them right away. 

The photo was taken from the above mentioned article at the Carleton Newsroom. 


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