Logo design… In a group… Spread out across the province…

Logo design has become a focus in my sketchbook lately. One logo is still in the developing stages and under negotiations, so hopefully I will get to post more on that one soon. The other is for my collaborative blog that I have mentioned here before: Nivå6.

We have developed a few projects for ourselves and our readers, so we thought that it was about time that we give ourselves a name, which we did, and now some sort of visual identity to work with. The development of this identity through a logo is what we are working on right now. We are all contributing our ideas and then we are discussing the options, ideas, and where we want to go from there through the project’s page on our blog.

my niva6 logo contributions

This is probably the most challenging of the projects that we have encountered so far in that we aren’t working individually but as a group, and that group is located in London, Ottawa, and Toronto, Ontario. Yeah… so the progress on this project should be a interesting one. I have no doubt that we are going to come up with something awesome that will represent the three of us really well. I just know that the process will be a little slower than the normal brainstorming session.

If you want to follow the madness check out the page here, there should be a lot more activity over the next couple of weeks. And feel free to jump into the conversation through comments, fresh eyes and minds are always welcome.


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