The Nikon D300!

This wonderful project was commissioned by one of my best friends to serve as a gift to her boyfriend for Christmas 2012. This was my first shot at doing a personal technical illustration since I graduated from Sheridan in 2009 so I was pretty excited about the whole thing. Not having a D300 of my own I had to do all of the research online, at the library, and through photo reference (taking a picture of a camera is a bit of a bizarre concept). Once I had a large enough pile of reference material I got down to work.

One thing that I did not think of when I got started was the fact that the shape of a camera body is nearly completely organic. Isometric curves can be BRUTAL! But once I figured out a system things ran really smooth from there.


Then came the fun part… colour! I am not great with colour, something I am looking to improve upon in the upcoming year, but I had a lot of fun with this. I wanted to keep the lines but also get somewhere near to the camera in real life at the same time. Finding the balance isn’t always the easiest but I think that I can to a pretty satisfying solution in the end. Through many tweaks and alterations, many emails back and forth with the “client” ;), and talks with the printers, we came to the final result.

camera-printI had a lot of fun with this project. After all of the research, line art, sketches, and painting (all done in between work and moving) the Nikon D300 drawing took me nearly 6 months to complete. Being the perfectionist type, I still see more work that could still be done but overall I am very happy with the final result!


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