Wildland Fire Conference 2012 Overview

This year’s Wildland Fire Conference was a great success. The conference was held at the Delta Hotel in Kananaskis, Alberta. I had never been that far west before and I enjoyed all of the beautiful scenery, the mountains, everything. They even brought in some snow for us that week, it was unbelievable.

I forgot how much information can be crammed into the three days of a conference. My favourite sessions were the ones related to the Slave Lake fire. The fire chief, mayor of Slave Lake and many other individuals that were involved in the fire were present throughout that fire were at the conference, all of which had very powerful stories to tell.

My presentation was the first presentation of the first session on the first day. I am really glad that that was the case, I was able to relax throughout the rest of the conference. My presentation went so smoothly, I have never been more comfortable in a presentation. The response was unbelievable as well. There were many different people throughout the conference who were asking about my work and seeing where the research could go from here. It was a little overwhelming but great to see the response I received.

My favourite part of this conference is the people. Most people involved in forest fire in Canada are really great people to interact with. Everyone is looking for new ways to improve their current methods and processes. The range of people that are there is amazing as well, you can meet anyone from fire fighters to the head of provincial response.

Overall, the conference went really well and I am very happy with the outcome. If anyone reading this has the opportunity to go to the Wildland Fire Conference I would highly recommend it. Lots of fun, great people and conversation throughout the whole conference.

Highlights will be posted on the Wildland Fire Conference website soon!


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