Wildland Fire Conference 2012


The return of the Wildland Fire Conference of Canada is happening next week, October 2-4, in Kananaskis, Alberta. The focus of the conference revolves around fire response processes, equipment, technology, and management. The conference was last held in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario in 2010.

This year I have the pleasure of attending the conference as a speaker. The first speaker in fact, yikes! The paper I will be presenting is titled “An Integrated Information Display for the Forest Fire Response Centre.” This paper is based on the research that was completed for my Masters degree at Carleton University in April of this year titled “Fire Update Support Engine (FUSE): Visual Integration of Information within the Complex Environment of Emergency Response.” I will be presenting under the theme of “People and Fire” in the “Communications: Importance and Evolving Tools” session with four other researchers from the same field of research. I look forward to introducing FUSE to all of the people present at this session and answering all of their questions. I don’t know what opportunities will be available as a result of this presentation but spreading the word can’t hurt. I am also very interested in seeing what others will be presenting within my same session and throughout the rest of the conference.

Updates on the outcome of this year’s Wildland Fire Conference 2012 will be coming soon!


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