What’s in a word?

I am involved in an artistic collaborative, currently under the blog name Inspiration Collaboration (new name COMING SOON!). We are new, just up and running and we are in the middle of our first project. As we develop and increase readership we are creating projects for ourselves to develop and post on the blog. The first project required each of us to choose a word and then create an image that uses all three words, one word, any combination of the words, etc. We were able to use any medium that we chose and any approach that would best portray our interpretation.

The three words in the end were: timeless, gridlock, and identity. I chose to use digital media and present my interpretation using a series of three illustrations. Below you can see my contribution to the project. The final illustrations revolve around the timeless conflict in deciding between who everyone else wants you to be and who you want to be for yourself. 

To see more on my process and development of the illustrations check out my page for the project here!


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