A Completed Thesis!

After three educational and emotional years I have finally completed and submitted my final thesis. This journey has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. The final product is thanks in large part to the assistance of my advisors at Carleton University. Avi Parush and Anthony Whitehead were very patient, helpful, and provided valuable guidance throughout this process.

The same can be said for my friends and family. Without the valuable support of all these individuals this project wouldn’t have come together in the way that it did.

So now that it is all done there is a large hole in my routine. Throughout this project my time consisted of writing, testing, researching, eating, a shift or two at Mike’s Place, some sleep, and back to writing. Now that most of that has been removed it has been a bit of an adjustment. I am excited to become reconnected with my sketchbook and art supplies. There have been many projects building up throughout the development of my thesis and they have been sitting and waiting for me. I am looking forward to getting back to my old methods as well as the new ones I have been looking at. The new ones are mostly the Adobe Creative Suite 5, I am so excited to apply this to my work and explore it further.

There has also been some work on the group blog that I am a part of (check it out!). There has been a bit of a hiatus on the blog with all of us working on completing our thesis projects or starting new jobs in Ottawa. We have just started our first real collaboration project and we will all be posting our progress and final results as soon as we get them together. We are hoping to get this up and running now that we will have some more time to devote to the projects and work that is closest to our hearts. Please check out the blog and see what we are up to.

It is hard to think that the project that I have been devoting my time and efforts to for three full years, over four academic years, has come to a close. The final product entitles “FUSE: Visual Integration of Information within the Complex Environment of Emergency Response” will be available in the Carleton University library soon.

Thanks again for everyone who helped me throughout this process. If you have any questions regarding my thesis please feel free to comment here.


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