My Pursuit to Visualize a Literary Metaphor

Due to Thanksgiving madness in Canada this week the group has opted to skip a week of creative gathering. Our schedules were just too unco-ordinateable this time around. We are still being creative separately though, of course, and are hoping to reconvene next week.

In lieu of the meeting I thought that I would post about a new project that I want to work on. I would probably have brought this project to the table this week so why not post it here?

My inspiration for my new project is Andrew Davidson’s “The Gargoyle”. I read this book last fall and was completely blown away by it. This book is unlike anything I have ever read before and, even though I cannot put my finger on exactly why, this book had a deep affect on me. The story is full of narratives told by one of the characters. These narratives are so beautifully laid out and described that I want to take a shot at visualizing them for myself. These images and metaphors flowed so beautifully in my mind as I read through them that I want to try and capture that flow in some sort of visual. What will the actual final product be? Not sure yet. I want to try and see where the visuals take the project.

So that’s the next direction I want to take with my creative time. My thesis is currently looming, taking a majority of my time at the moment. The next steps do, however, require some sketching and design. That way I won’t be completely removed from the creative side of things. This Gargoyle project will just be nice to work on while I reset between data analyses.


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