iSad: My Tribute to an Inspiration

As a designer who is very attached to my Mac products, I was completely shocked to hear my roommate mention this screen that showed up on my computer as we sat down to watch some television last night.

Knowing that an image with dates is rarely a good sign I was immediately shocked and upset by this news. It was only minutes after the death of Steve Jobs had been announced that we saw the news. Soon my facebook feed was full of status updates from friends mentioning their sadness on his passing, even those who do not own a single Apple product. News stories and the history of Steve Jobs were on the television and all over news stands today. All of these stories were a sad reminder and I still could not believe that this had happened.

I had a friend ask me why I was so upset by his passing, and once I thought on it more here is my final answer:

Steve Jobs was an innovator. For me, as a designer, he was an inspiration. He inspired forward thinking, trying new things, and going beyond what the path had already set in motion. His work always took what was already out there that one step further. I do realize that a lot of this work is done by a company as a team but this company was started by Steve as a co-founder and the world has never been the same since. Without Steve Jobs stepping forward and fearlessly presenting the new and the different, the world of technology that we know today would not exist.

The work that Apple has produced lately has been highly advanced. I feel like I am always sending links to friends and family telling them of the new piece of technology Apple is introducing next. I remember watching the release of the iPhone, the first one. It was the first time I had watched Steve Jobs talk about a product to an audience, I wish I had been there. Every new feature that he brought up was mind blowing, how could all of this be in one place at once? Now there is not a phone out there without one of these new features.

The world needs more innovators and inspirational leaders like Steve Jobs, without them we will all get stuck. I am very saddened by this loss. I am sorry that we will not get to see what Steve Jobs what would have come up with next. I am sorry that I will not get an opportunity to see him speak in person. I am sorry that he did not go into retirement to watch his company soar to even higher heights.

One quote that I saw today summed up exactly how I feel and how, I’m sure, many others have been feeling. The author poetically stated that Steve Jobs “died at the age of 56, before his time until the very end.” Steve Jobs, you will be sorely missed, your work and inspiration will live on forever. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “iSad: My Tribute to an Inspiration

  1. My family has been with Apple since the Apple //e came out, and my father used to sneak them back from school (where he taught, he wasn’t actually breaking into elementary schools) during the Summer holidays. When we first got our hands on an Apple //GS and a 1200baud modem, it seemed like a leap into another century. The Mac SE we got a wee bit later seemed like a leap back in comparison. There was only one floppy drive! 🙂

    ‘Still a Mac guy though, even through those lame, brutal years of System 7.x. We’re one Steve down now, and more’s the pity for it…

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