TAFETA: Smart Storyboards for Health

As part of my Masters work I am working with team to design the PR video for TAFETA: Smart Systems for Health projects. The TAFETA team is working to design technology that will help seniors to live in their homes longer without the feeling that they are being watched. Much of the technology is hidden and sends information to clinicians or doctors for them to study how the client is really feeling at their check-ups. The technology will also be able to point out any problem areas that can be assisted before a more severe case arises.

The technology currently consists of a pressure sensitive mat that will tell the clinician how well the client slept, a fridge door sensor that will remind the client to close the door, and a bluetooth pill bottle sensor that will help to remind the client to take their pills.

For my team’s portion of the project we are developing the video that will help TAFETA to promote their research to potential investors and graduate students. Due to many time constraints we have planned to film a portion of the project and then “animate” storyboards for the rest. The video consists of interviews with clients, researchers and engineers along with three technology explanation scenarios. I am in charge or creating the two story boards for the fridge door sensor and the pill bottle sensor storyboards. With less than two weeks to get all of this work done it will be very tight but I am hoping that the final result at least resembles what I am picturing in my head.

This project has been a part of one of my classes for my program and has been running since the beginning of January. As the project is quickly coming to a close I will be able to post the final product here very soon. I thought that this post would be helpful for future reference as a background story for the project development.


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