The Opening of EARTH:8083!

Earth: 8083 is finally here! The opening for the show was held on March 6, 2010 at 2:00. The installation turned out well and produced an amazing result. All of the members involved are very happy with the final result. All of the work that is present within the gallery is work created by the Sheridan Technical Illustration class of 2009, complimented by some artifacts found within the Ontario Science Centre collection.

Many of the members involved in the design, set up and execution of the exhibit were present for the opening. There were also many visitors to the Ontario Science Centre who were exploring the space with their friends and family members.

The members of the core team include: David DryburghErin HuestonKim HughesMaurice Tanudarta,Tony Linka, and Tyler Doupe.

Other Illustrators who are featured in the exhibit include: Annie KimJesse KoreckKirk Zimmerman,Mark Stajan, Paul Hong, Steve McPhee, and Steve Huynh.

Maurice Tanudarta also has an exhibit presentation of his work on the 4th floor of the Ontario Science centre. His work is an extension of the work presented in the Ideas Gallery. Maurice explains where the “Hoo-mans” went and where they are now. When you visit the exhibit please take some time to explore this gallery as well.

The team would like to extend thanks to the people who supported the project and got it started. Sheridan professors who were involved in the project include Kathryn Chorney, Douglas Donald, Ian Stewart and Claire Ironside. We would also like to thank all of the staff at the Ontario Science Centre who made this possible including Ana Klasnja and Nicole Fernandes.

The main exhibit is currently open in the Ideas Gallery and will be running at the Ontario Science Centre until the end of May, 2010. Please take some time to visit the exhibit with your friends and family!


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