Ottawa Magazine Interiors Issue

The month of February marks the release of the Interiors issue of Ottawa Magazine. This issue features the work of architects, artists and designers from the Ottawa area.

One of the articles in this issue is a study on inspiration within Ottawa artists titled “Feel the Love”. The article begins with an interview with Lise Michaud, owner of an online home decor store, where she mentions an artist whose work inspired her, this artist is a fellow designer, Peter Wehrspann. He was then asked to name an artist whose work inspired him creating a chain reaction for a total of five artists to be featured in the article and I am one of those artists. The article was different in that each artist is talking about someone else’s work instead of their own, which is some ways is much easier. It was great to see what other people have to say about your work, they have the ability to look beyond the process and see it will fresh eyes, something I envy completely. The article features a wide variety of art styles and approaches, from furniture design to ceramics work to illustration.

Each artist was asked to submit an image of their work and I submitted the “Paver” and “City Girl”. The author chose to publish the issue with the image of the “Paver”, which I feel really shows my skills as a technical illustrator. A preview of the article is shown below.

The launch for the article was held on the 4th of February at Ottawa Magazine offices. The issue is on news stands now, so please go get a copy and support your local Ottawa artists!


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