Sheridan Illustrators in Applied Arts

app_artsThis month’s issue of Applied Arts magazine contains a feature on the 2009 Sheridan BAA Illustration Graduates. The article showcases information on our graduate show and what we were trying to achieve with the icons that we created. There is also information provided on the Illustration program, Canada’s only Bachelor Degree in Illustration, and Canada’s largest Art School, Sheridan College.

Each graduate has  a postcard in the magazine, showcasing a piece of art that they had created in their years at Sheridan. Along with the art pieces there is also contact information and urls for everyone’s websites. All of the illustrators are present, both interpretive and technical, and the article looks great!!!

Also featured in the magazine is Sheridan Grad Christina Ung, she created the cover art for this month’s issue.

My art can be found along with the art of my fellow illustrators in this issue. The piece that I had chosen for my feature in the grad book and the postcard is a piece that I did for my final project in fourth year. My final project was based on ancient architecture and architectural techniques. This piece is a 3D model that I created using SketchUp and Strata. The model is a 3D rendering of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. Along with this illustration I created information graphics explaining how the Khmer built and designed the temple. Here it is!


So please go out and buy this month’s issue  of Applied Arts magazine and check us out!!!


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