… in the middle…

There have been a lot of requests for a new post, so here it is. I am in the middle of quite a few projects right now but I have been slowed down by different things lately. I have been working on my education plans, a lot of decisions to make and lots of research to do. But here are the projects that I am working on right now:

1 – Personal work that I have been meaning to work on since I was in school. These are just different random ideas that I have thought up in different discussions, while listening to music or watching movies.

2 – I’ve had a request to paint a mural in a co-worker’s new home. I am still in the planning stages and nothing has been finalized yet.

3 – The big one is trying to decide what I would like to do for a thesis project while I am in my Masters program next year. This has been the big one that has been taking up  a lot of my time.

That’s about it right now, everything is in the development stages. Once I have some more solid work to show I will post it.

In the meantime, please keep your questions and requests coming!


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