Summer Months

Now that school is done the biggest challenge has arrived, keeping up  my art! I am a person who works best when presented with a project and a deadline, making my own projects is a little tougher.

I  do have some projects that I do want to work on this summer. I want to keep my sketching up for sure. That is the biggest mistake that I think every art student makes over the summers between their school years and that is taking a break from drawing, September is so much tougher that way. I think that some of my least favourite personal art you’ll find was done in September/October.

I think that the self guided final project that was we worked on in our final year helped me in making my own deadlines, etc. I am drawing, just not as often as I would like to be. I have a few great ideas that could be brilliant when they are finished! Drawing is enjoyable, it’s just that some of the motivation is removed when there isn’t a set in stone deadline. That is my goal through this summer, actually start and finish a large size project. When the new project is further I will post process.

So I don’t have any advice right now on how to solve this post-school/summer break situation that seems to happen to the best of us. Maybe as the summer moves forward and my project moves forward I will have something more to offer. In the mean time I’m just going to keep working.


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